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Established in 1969, Lih Shyang Industrial Co., Ltd (FormosaNylon) is the first nylon DTY manufacturer and operates the largest nylon yarn dye house in Taiwan. Leading products include nylon textured yarn raw white, nylon textured yarn dyed and related products, such as spandex covering yarn and various trade business of long fiber yarns. For decades, our yarn has been merchandised worldwide with the famous brand name FORMOSA NYLONⓇ.

As one of the leading manufacturers with more than 45 years of experience, FORMOSA NYLONⓇ has incomparable knowledge of yarn and its application, and is now working with various global brands and developing a diversity of yarn products to reach clients' needs.

NOVARⓇ, with our modern and exclusive technology, can greatly adapt yarn properties. We use NOVARⓇ to develop specific yarn products to satisfy clients' distinct requirements, from low elastic to high stretch, from thick denier to micro fiber, and lingerie to hosiery.

We invest in the latest technologies and pay attention to every detail to consistent quality of our yarn. Quality is controlled from the start. Both raw yarn and dyed yarn are produced in house, 100% in Taiwan. Therefore, the yarn delivered to our clients is not only excellent but also consistent with even color and even nature, helping them to easily procure orders and achieve remarkable positions in the competitive global market.

FORMOSA NYLON fulfills your needs in nylon. Let us select the right product for you whenever you need.


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